Monday, 26 November 2007

There I was digging this hole...

Oh dear dear dear. Woe is me! I've spent the weekend on my back---back, neck, and jaw done in---from over-exerting myself at the allotment. Let this be a lesson for you, Dear Readers. The manure didn't arrive, but I ended up digging two very deep holes for my new redcurrant bushes (RHS prizewinners again!) in what can only be described as the most penetrating, freezing cold imaginable. Our leader was planting 10 raspberry canes (why do we need raspberry canes? We already have loads at the far end of the allotment left by the last owner). And I noticed that his holes were MUCH TOO I commented on this...Quite an argument about hole digging ensued...and we all had to be reminded that violence is not permitted by the charity we work for! To make matters worse, I went out to lunch on Saturday and had a delicious bowl of mussels, only to find out later, judging by activities in my lower intestinal system, that the sauce contained flour (I'm sensitive to gluten). Oh poorly me! Anyway, I feel better today. I've added a counter on my Facebook site and have discovered I am being visited by 0.3 people a day (after much cyberspatial arm wrenching), and I am 88029 in the popularity stakes. To keep you up-to-date on bird feeding activities. The coconuts are a hit but the peanuts haven't been touched.


Pete F said...

Hi Diana.

I love your gardening-oriented blog. It's given me some new ideas and inspiration. I shall definitely return to this blog again.

Pete F.

Anonymous said...

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