Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Identity Crisis!

Today has not started well. First I had a rather heated hyperspace discussion over the merits of Cox's apples (I don't rate them highly, my adversary did). Then I found that a rather cute looking guy with a Norwegian sounding name had left me a message on Facebook. I replied, only to discover that this means he can access my Profile page for a month. Now, of course, I'm worried sick he's one of those hackers and is going to steal my identity (quite a thought!). I think perhaps his name may be an anagram of something---I'll try to solve it over lunch. Two bits of good news, though, and made me feel that I might have some identity left. First, Spalding Bulbs sent me some correspondence, referring to me, of course, as their Most Valued Customer Of The Last Six Months. By simply ordering something out of their catalogue I can evidently get a free watch, so I've gone for some Chinese Lanterns, which I've always loved. They grow anywhere and can be made into superb Christmas ornaments. Then my E-cloths pack arrived, so now I not only have dishwashers but also kitchen cloths and magnificent tea-towels! Won't my friends all be delighted when they open theirs on Christmas day? And about that other Christmas gift I mentioned. It has been pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that you do not spell pyjamas with three a's. OK, got it now. IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.

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