Monday, 16 February 2009

The Rake's Progress

Apologies, apologies, once more for not blogging, but I've been far too busy recently. But now it's half term and I've time for an update! My birthday came and went (four cards, one a week late and spelling my name wrong) and I received some gardening vouchers from my in-laws. So, this Saturday saw me up at the smartest garden centre in town purchasing a ordinary rake, mind you, this is a Wilkinson Sword Rake of much extended head length. I must say, it's only since I started the allotment lark that I've realised how important having a good rake is, 'cos our esteemed leader bought some lovely ones right from the start, and using them is a joy. It's all to do with making a fine tilth, you see. You just don't get that with a substandard rake, and then all your seeds die. And, boy, am I planning to plant some seeds this spring! Now I've moved house, I'm faced with yet another grotty bit of lawn, so that's coming up straight away and I'm planting a wildlife patch (just wake me up when Spring gets here...) Something else I'm planning this year is to grow dwarf runner beans in pots. I'll let you know how that gets on. So, anyway, the birthday passed. H actually came up trumps---he bought me a mobile phone which turned out to have sudoku on it. I'll probably never call anyone, but I can't pull myself away from the game. Totally obsessed! Those of you still interested in the story of the allotment will be delighted to know that, despite raging snow storms and floods, I've prepared the Victorian Hotbeds for another year....

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