Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Well, Happy New Year to you all! I hope some of you will be making resolutions that go beyond the 'lose weight and get fit' variety. I thought I'd share with you the resolutions I made last year, as at that time this mighty blog did not exist. They were:
1. To turn my backgarden into a wildlife refuge, the central feature of which to be a pond.
2. To join a local charity which was involved in some environmental initiatve.
3. To insulate my loft, doubleglaze my windows and fit energy saving light bulbs.
4. To follow the Council's bin instructions to the letter.
5. To join a church that actually offered practical help to the most vulnerable instead of one that just harped on about being 'saved'.
I hope these might inspire you. As for myself, as I put on two stone last year and now waddle like a duck, I'm rejoining the gym and going on a diet...

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Pete F said...

Hi Diana.

Number 5 of your resolutions for last year struck a chord with me. It is one reason why I can't bring myself to join a church, because I am more interested in the social gospel of Christianity than being one of the elite band of people who think they are going to be saved simply by going to church.

Anyway, all the best for this year, whatever your resolutions are! I haven't made any myself as they are invariably broken by the end of the first week!